Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Living out of suitcases

So, for the past few weeks my life has been in a state of general disarray. All of my clothes are stuffed away in suitcases, shoved into some corner, or are boxes away and traversing across the country in the back of some eighteen wheeler. It drives me nuts! I'm desperate for a time when I can simply fold my underwear into a designated drawer instead of leaving them piled on the carpet. I know, my troubles are hard.

The upside is that Matt and I have been having fun playing house and buying new furniture. Its slowly coming together...the other day he and I purchased these fabulous 60's armless chairs from the nicest antique dealer. Apparently the chairs had be stashed away in someone's "stamp collection" room, simply waiting 40 years for me to come and give them a happy home. Along with the chairs, we got a small dresser that is from the same era, a credenza for the television, and a sofa from Ikea that I have been wrangling to assemble. The damned thing is giving me more trouble than I care to elaborate about.

High on the priority list is learning some French, dammit. This language barrier has reduced a once independent young woman into shy girl who hides behind her husband when a stranger says "bonjour" to her. Pathetic. I already suffer from a mild form of social anxiety (mainly answering the phone and having to talk with strangers), so the difference in language has only acerbated my condition. Maybe Rosetta Stone can cure my ills. Or maybe I need to stop being such a wuss...

Anywho, please enjoy the pictures of my favorite new chairs and my morbidly obese cat.

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The Fancy Lady said...

great chairs ! i missed out on a victoria fainting couch this old lady was giving away for free while i was in london i missed that sucker by 5 min . Don't worry i'm sure you will learn soon and i hear picking up a few things at a time from hearing it helps you learn quicker as well