Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our house is shaping up to be a funky little pad. The living room is nearly complete...now we just need a credenza and record player, then we will be in-like-flynn. He and I have had our eye on this Electrohome Apollo record player for about 2 weeks now...we spotted it in a furniture store, but it wasn't operating at the time. Hopefully the owner got it fixed, because Im already day dreaming about where Im gonna put it!

This city really is like non other. There is just this charisma that vibrates through the mish-mash buildings and rings across the bike-path laden streets. On days when the sky is covered up, its good to know that night and city lights can make up for the ugly weather. Matt and I went for a walk the other evening around the Mile End. On one hand we held each other while on the other hand was holding a fresh bagel. We dipped into a little cafe that I had been eyeing for a couple of weeks. No sign above the door, just large, steamy windows and a menagerie of chairs, books, art, plants, and warm looking people. Its a good sign when you walk into anyplace that is playing music that you know all the words to.

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