Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fresh layer of paint.

I think a little cosmetic updating was overdue for my 'ol blog here. With all of this sunshine and rain, I am overcome with a perverse desire to clean.

Even though the mercury has risen well beyond the freezing point, there are still some stragglers who still dress as if it is the dead of winter. They walk around with their knitted toques and down-insulated coats. It as if they still don't trust that the seasons have turned.

I finally got the haircut that I have been trying to get for the past god-kn0ws-how-many years. Funny that it took a hairdresser who only speaks French to translate what I want into the perfect cut.

Last Friday the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club came rumbling into town for an extraordinarily loud and sweaty show...oh my. This was the third time that I had seen them play live, and its a scientific fact that they never disappoint. It was more like a contest of endurance between the audience and the performers. They played for a solid two hours, almost non-stop. Needless to say, after the show mine and my husband's ears were thoroughly destroyed. A true sign of an amazing performance!

I stumbled upon a beautiful girly fashion magazine the other day whilst loitering about the hair salon. Its called Foam. Their target audience might be a bit younger and more Californian than myself, but I find it to be like a less irritating version of Nylon.

Matt and I still have a couple other concerts to attend this month. Charlotte Gainsbourg Heavy Trash (one of Jon Spenser's many bands). I'm particularly excited to see miss Gainsbourg's seems she has had a bit of a renaissance with her latest collaborative record, touring schedule, award winning acting performances and not to mention her new Balenciaga perfume. She is just so intrinsically cool...

Professor Brian Cox may be the best thing that has even happened to astronomy. He has been the host of an absolutely beautiful mini series on the BBC called "The Wonder Of The Solar System". It's only five episodes long, which leaves me begging for more. Throughout the series he lists some of the most incredible discoveries of our own planetary system...and that the most fascinating worlds aren't even planets at all, but are the Saturnian moons and Galilean moons of Jupiter. What I appreciate most about Dr. Cox's presentation is his genuine, boy-like wonder and excitement he displays about the he is a TOTAL dreamboat.

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