Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm back to life!

Yay! I got my blog back! Apparently it was falsely identified as SPAM and the process to get it reviewed and back online is a slightly complicated process. But, the powers that be fixed it and I am as happy as a lark...and Lord knows how happy larks are.

Tonight Matt, myself and some friends got wind of a free Arcade Fire concert that was being held in a mall parking lot in the suburb of Longueil. Seriously, it was a perfect show. The weather was just right, no opening band, we got prime location, and the sound was phenomenal. The show was a "secret" for all about of 3 seconds; there must of been about ten thousand fans there. Neither Matt or I had seen them live, so it was particularly special. There was such an exuberance in the air...the band, the fans, the little babies that hipster moms carted around in their strollers, everyone. Oh lucky me!

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