Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is it with all of these Asian blogs "commenting" on my posts? Ugh, it probably has something to do with getting my account deleted for being suspected as SPAM. Annoying! Yay!

The other day I was watching some recap of the Much Music Award show on TV for some reason and it occurred to me that I have no idea who any of these new celebrities are. Well, obviously I have heard about some of them, but the majority were completely new to me. What the hell is Snookie? Why are people going crazy for a 12 year old boy who looks like an adorable little girl? When did Hannah Montana turn into a ho? Who is Katy Perry and why is she ejecting whipped cream out of her boobs? Ahhh!!

But one thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is everyone and their duck telling me that I need to be in love with Lady Gaga. People are all saying "Oooh she's so original and shocking! She wears Alexander McQueen! She writes her own music!". Excuse me? She looks and sounds like every other pop monster that was spawned from the MTV monster. If you never saw the woman on TV and just listened to her music, you would soon realized it sounds just as bland and homogeneous as every other pop song on the radio. It only becomes more apparent that she is an unoriginal hack when you see her horrendously over budgeted music videos. And why should I be impressed that she writes and produces her own music? Shouldn't that be the prerequisite of EVERY musician? GAHH! Lady Gaga simply exemplifies my theory that most people like terrible things.

There is so much good, original music out there. People just need to listen to it. You want weird? Forget Gaga, try Cocorosie.


Kristina Marie said...

I get a lot of those Japanese Spam comments too so I have to review comments before they can be posted. =(

T G said...

"江婷" has a sense of humor! Awesome.

Mary - I totally feel you on the Lady Gaga sentiment. I am so tired of her manufactured post-modernism and the forgettable pop that comes with it. It's a shame that her music doesn't come close to matching the "edginess" of her look.

LanniLuna said...

Hey! I like your Blog! But I can't find where to follow u!...Hpe u don't mind. Have a nice day!

pourn said...

gaga is a breathe of fresh air in the 'popular' music genre. way fucking better than a lot of 'popular' shit out there. of course she isn't the greatest and most original artist out there, but she definitely makes a lot of conservative fucks out there uncomfortable which is always okay in my book. mind numbing pop music is good for the soul, sometimes. i would say more but you linked cocorosie, which is good. i recommend xiu xiu:

m said...

even though i do like her, you're right. she is a lot of gross bright yellow fake cheese, but cheese whiz is good(sometimes). it's fun to enjoy some things that are bad for you >.<